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Thursday, 01 April, 2010
Posted by Jessica at 3:46 am

There was nothing fun about Wednesday, not that my life HAS to be fun every day, but it helps.  In fact, I was feeling like life was rather on top of me, photos needed sorting and editing, emails needed writing, kids needed loving and the housework needed some serious attention before one of us stuck to the floor for good.  I figured I'd very much like to resign from something.  I'm not even sure what it is I was wanting to resign from, except perhaps the housework, because, well, who lives for that?  I didn't know where I would send the resignation letter to, so I just sucked it up and carried on, ignoring the floor that needed scrubbing and promising the kids that we'd do fun stuff some time soon... 

At about 1am that morning we awoke to a scream and ran to our son's side to find that he was in the middle of a seizure.  Pretty well the most scared I've ever been in my life, I called out "call 111!"  After what seemed like about 75 hours he stopped shaking (ok, probably 1 minute?) and was totally unresponsive, but breathing.  Suddenly something so simple, like my child breathing, became the most important thing in the world.

The ambulance took us to hospital where he would have another four seizures in the following 12 hours.  No one knew what was wrong.  He didn't have a temperature and wasn't sick before that.  That afternoon we went via ambulance over to Nelson Hospital where he underwent every test known to man, CT Scan, MRI, Lumbar Puncture, you name it.  Everything came back clear.  Seems that nothing was wrong with him.  Far out, sometimes NOTHING is rather terrifying.  Although I was rather pleased we weren't looking at a brain tumour! 

We stayed in hospital until the following Tuesday, as he slowly started to get back to normal, and then came home.  Just like that, came home.  No one could say what was wrong with Sam, and apart from being rather tired and missing several bits of his memory from the last year or so, he's all good.  So we're none the wiser, but the whole episode sure did remind me about what's really important in life. 

Thanks to everyone who has been patient with us the last couple of weeks, we've had to reschedule shoots, and keep people waiting that bit longer for their photos.  Thank you all SO so much for your understanding.  We're back into it now, trying hard to get caught up again. 

And because I have to post SOME kind of photo - this is the ambulance at my house in the middle of the night.  Although I only had my cell phone on me, I still took a photo (can't help being a photographer!)


Tomorrow I'll have some happier blog posts to share - so there's more pretty photos coming, promise!

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TARA - Hugs - that would have been freaky! Good that we have a God that is in control when we aren't! (10 Apr 10 5:59am)
VANESSA - Wow... I can't imagine how horrific that must have been. All I can say is thank goodness little Sammy is ok and he's so lucky to have such level headed, competent and fantastic parents in you two! XOXO (06 Apr 10 7:38pm)
DOT - So so glad he is ok. That would have been so scary. (01 Apr 10 4:49am)
ANNE-MARIE C - Sorry to hear you all had to go through that. Hope it doesn't happen again. (01 Apr 10 4:23am)

Tuesday, 22 December, 2009
Posted by Jessica at 4:19 pm

Now back on the ground again!  This was when we took a holiday in beautiful Golden Bay last month.  This was inside one of the deep dark caves.  That's me in holding the baby in the front pack, then my five other kids in front of me and brother and his fiance to the right.  I love how we're all looking interested (totally unstaged btw) and it kind of looks like Kimberly is trying to get signal on her cellphone (although she's trying to take a picture too).

I found it really interesting when they turned the lights off, there was absolutely no light.  Nothing at all your eyes could adjust to, just absolute darkness.  Pretty freaky.

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VANESSA - I thought that was your Dad!!! And can I ask why the adults all get protective headgear but the kids are left without? haha (21 Dec 09 12:15am)

Sunday, 13 December, 2009
Posted by Jessica at 6:38 am

UPDATE: The ballet photos are now online - click on the following link for more info:

Today was the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves ballet production.  My girls have been involved in ballet since they were about 4, and it's the highlight of the year for them to perform on stage.  This year, like last, we photographed it for all of the parents.  Here are just a few highlights for now.

This is my Emily.

Snow White and some rather nasty looking characters.  I would stay away from that apple, personally.

This is my oldest, Kimberly.

Three of the seven dwarves, the heros in this story.

My Georgia is the one on the right.  She does have a very pretty face too, I just like this one as a legs shot!

So, I've narrowed the photos down to just over a thousand.  Silly, isn't it?  Paul will be uploading them to a gallery for all you parents to go through.  Not sure when exactly, but hopefully soon!

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ALI ROBINS - beautiful photos. can't wait to see the bunnies and butterflies.... can we purchase copies from you? (16 Dec 09 8:52pm)
CHRISTINE EVES - The photos are beautiful. Can't wait to see more. Thank you so much for taking your time to photograph our wonderful girls. (14 Dec 09 4:18am)
LEIGH ASIAMAH - These are so beautiful. Thank you for doing this for all of us. It was a lovely show and we do appreciate Sharon for giving our girls the opportunity to enjoy their ballet so much. I look forward to seeing the rest of the photos. Thank you. (14 Dec 09 12:07am)
SHARON RENNIE - Another stunning set of photos-the pupils and parents are going to love them.Can't wait to see the rest. (13 Dec 09 9:04am)
CATHY WADSWORTH - Fantastic photos, love the picture with my little mouse in it, can't wait to see the rest!!! (13 Dec 09 8:23am)
ANNE-MARIE CHAPMAN - Great photos on here already - thanks so much for doing this. It was a great day, and so nice to be able to see the pics, and let family overseas have a look to. (13 Dec 09 12:23am)

Friday, 11 December, 2009
Posted by Jessica at 3:36 pm

This was when we went to Pupu Springs last month.  This just appealed to my sense of humour!

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GARETH ROBINS - I love shots like this, using signs to tell the story (10 Dec 09 12:13pm)

Wednesday, 09 December, 2009
Posted by Jessica at 4:01 pm

This is Sam, our one and only son.  He's a very happy fellow, considering that he is surrounded by 5 sisters.  He'll be learning so much patience, he's going to make someone an awesome husband one day!

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Sunday, 06 December, 2009
Posted by Jessica at 4:00 pm

This is our wee Sophie.  Probably the cutest toddler walking the planet right now.  Full of spunk, she's a two year old worth having around. 

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Wednesday, 02 December, 2009
Posted by Jessica at 5:04 pm

This is Charlotte Katie about an hour or so after she was born back in July.  I can just stare at this photo forever.   What a miracle that this grew inside me, and it's a whole person.  Just a very small one.  She's 4 months old now and brimming with cute smily happiness.  We all love her a lot.

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