Portrait Locations

Rightio – let’s talk about where you’d like to have your photos done. If you want fabulous images, it’s important to get this part right. Here are some of the options:

Pollard Park

This is the go-to for outside portraits in Blenheim. It’s got the path with the big trees for brilliant framing, sometimes we walk a loop of about 800 meters or so and stop in several places where the light is good. This means that the kids are kept busy and feel like it’s a fun outing, not told to stand in one place and behave for an extended time. If we make the experience fun, the photos will be much better. Pollard Park is also a favourite because there are so many great places no matter what time of the day and it really doesn’t matter how big your group is, we can fit you all in! Another good option is to go to the bottom of Quail Stream at the base of the Wither Hills, it’s best a couple of hours before sunset as the light is soft and the paths aren’t in full sun.

Rarangi Beach and Monkey Bay

This is a great place for slightly older kids. There are usually places with great light, but the start or the end of the day is infinitely the best time to be there for light.

Newborn at home

I well remember those early days of staring at my babies and just feeling totally besotted. Spending many hours looking at them in their tiny beds and those seemingly endless cuddles in the feeding chair. To me, newborns and home go hand in hand. I love to focus on the life aspect of this precious time, so that you’ll look back and remember how these fleeting weeks felt, as well as how your baby looked. I don’t pose baby rolled up and naked on a blanket or with props. There are some amazingly talented people who do that, if that’s what you’re after. This is what I focus on:

Family at home

Real, raw and beautiful. Let me see the interactions between the kids, the fun they have in their everyday activities, their backyard. I want to meet their favourite cuddly toy. I don’t even mind some mess. Just sayin’.

Extended family at home

If you’re looking to have posed photos at home in your backyard or vineyard, perhaps an extended family shoot at Nana’s house – there are some things you’ll need to know. Harsh sunlight is yucky and makes you squint and makes your wrinkles worse. I’m going to need to put you in some open shade. This means BIG trees with a decent amount of shade, enough to sufficiently cover everyone. An olive tree and a couple of bushes won’t do it, if you want pretty pictures.

I know that sometimes it’s more about being at a certain home for family heritage and special memories, if that’s the case, let’s do it there and do our best to minimise the wrinkly light. However, if you just want pretty pictures and you don’t have the trees or shade to make it so, let’s get everyone to meet me where there is a decent backdrop, ie. Pollard Park. If you’re not sure about your backyard, send me a picture! If you particularly want to shoot in the vineyard, this will need to be done during the golden hours before sunset.

So now that we know where to go, how does it all work?

Portrait sessions are $495 and include three matted 5×7.5″ Fine Art prints and matching digital files.

Print and product packages start at $450 and go up to $1470. Most people will spend $800-$2200 on their final collection.

So feel free to get in touch with me, if you haven’t already, and organise a time and place to have your family photographed.

So go ahead and email me: info@jessicajones.co.nz