Tiny Mini Sessions are super quick, fun and easy way to grab a simple great shot of your small person.

Each month you can just pop in for 15 minutes during one of our Tiny Mini days, and we’ll supply you with one full resolution digital image on dropbox after each session. You can choose to either come on a casual basis and pay $30 per session, or purchase a whole year’s worth of sessions at $25 per session. There’s also the option of getting the full year, plus 20 x 30” canvas, so you have something awesome to show for your efforts!

Sessions are priced for one child only.  If you’d like to have more than one child in the session, you’ll need to pay for each child separately, $30 per child.  Remember, you get one digital image for every $30 you spend. 

We’ll have one Tiny Mini day each month, we open the day for bookings roughly the month before so keep an eye out for each month’s chosen day.

Every now and then we’ll have special Tiny Mini sessions, like pets, Christmas, families or other special occasions.  We’ll let you know about these via email and Facebook.  To join our mailing list, either tick the box when you make your first booking, or click here.

Tiny Mini Options
Casual Mini Sessions
12 x Monthly Visits
Full Year + Canvas

$30 per session

Perfect for when you just want one quick and easy image of your little one. Great for slightly bigger kids who don’t grow quite as quickly as babies and toddlers do and so might not need to be photographed each month.

Pre-purchased Session Card. 12 sessions for $300. ($25 per session)

Ideal for babies and toddlers to see how they’re growing. Fun to look back after a year and see just how much they’ve changed, and how all of that work you’ve put in that year as a parent has paid off!

12 sessions, plus 20×30” canvas for $550

The full year of Tiny Mini sessions, plus receive a canvas of either your favourite image of the year, or the whole year’s story as a montage.


Portrait Session vs Tiny Mini.

You’ll be wondering WHY the Tiny Mini is so much cheaper than a regular portrait session! Here’s why.

Mini Session days are on specific dates, they’re quick and easy, and you’re in and out within 15 minutes. 

Full portrait sessions are considerably longer, at a time that suits you and in a location that’s tailored to you.  

Essentially Mini sessions are MacDonalds – you know what you’re going to get and it’s fast and reasonably priced. 

Full Portrait Sessions are like having a chef come to your home and prepare a meal for your family based on exactly what you’d like and when.

How do you get started?

First thing you’ll want to do is to read the small print, which has all the important information.

Once you’ve done that, see what sessions are available and book using our booking form.