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Angie and James – more pics

Here we go, we’ve just spent the evening picking out some of our favourite photos from this wedding. 

Check out these gorgeous little girls, total cuteness 🙂

People expect so much of you when you’re this cute, the pressure can be just too much!

The lads – I don’t think they stopped laughing all day! 

What a cheeky lot 🙂

So now back to the romantic stuff!

Have I mentioned that I totally love this pictures?  I just adore it, so here it is again 🙂

2 thoughts on “Angie and James – more pics

  1. Thanks so much jessica and paul can’t wait to see the rest! Wahoo how exciting you guys make a great team and we are really happy with the works of art you have created thanks sooo much. When will we get to see the rest? I’m so excited! Look forward to hearing from you. Ang and James

  2. Wow!!… what else can I say?! You both were absolutely amazing photographers! I really enjoyed being part of the wedding party with you guys looking after Ang and James photos as fantastically as you did! The ones of the girls are gorgeous and Angs dress looks amazing in them. I cant wait to see more too!!! Verity

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