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Holiday Photos

We’ve been back home for 24 hours now, and the sweet relief of my own bed again – ahhhh.  There’s always this peaceful feeling of being back in my own home again, and a sad feeling that it’s all over, until next time 🙂

As usual, there are lots of photos to record our time away, but showing them to the world one by one would bring us back to the old days of forcing visitors to sit and suffer through an evening of holiday slides.

Anywho – this was the snow.  It was very cold, and filled me with much terror, but we never did die and the children had a marvellous time.

The bushwalks in Hanmer Springs are fairly pretty too!

After four soggy days in Hanmer, we travelled over to Christchurch and took the kids to Orana Park Zoo.  Ever patted a giraffe? 

I don’t actually know what this display was for, but we took advantage of it – and made poor little Sammy model for us, again.

The next day we went to the Museum, in search for some ancient family heritage.  Nope I don’t think we’re related.

Paul didn’t have any luck either.

An old street inside the museum – so cool!

So that was it in a nutshell.  A fun time had by all!

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  1. Paul just needs to grow his beard hehe…..

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