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Anna, Chelsea & little Ryan

This week we had our good friends, Richard and Jacqui come to visit us with their three beautiful kiddies, 3 year old twins Anna and Chelsea and 18 month old Ryan. I think the last time I properly photographed these little ones was when the girls were in NICU as very, very tiny little babies. 

They’re all ‘grown up’ now, full of life and lots of fun.  So we headed off to the park for a play and to take some photos.

Naturally, I’ve got a legs shot… so I’ll start with that.

Whenever it’s possible, I like to just follow kids around and capture them playing – it makes for a far more relaxed photo than the one where you sit them down and bark at them to SMILE!  Real smiles always look so much better and more refreshing than the fake ones.

Even though the weather was threatening to pack it in, these kids were still keen to go exploring.

I can’t work out which one of these next two pictures I like more, so I’m just going to post them both!

I just adore the hair on these little girls, I’m sure it keeps Jacq busy – but isn’t it just so CUTE?!

I’m hoping that next time you guys come up to visit us, we’ll get time to photograph the whole family!

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