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Emma and Nathan’s Wedding

Emma and Nathan got married on Saturday, and thankfully the weather was just perfect!  We were called in at the 11th hour to photograph it, and as I couldn’t make it – Paul went and shot it alone.  I must admit to feeling a little left out, especially considering it was at the spectacular Cape Campbell Lighthouse!  However, I was confident that Nathan and Emma would be in good hands with Paul behind the lens.  I suppose I am involved to a certain degree now that I’m able to select my favs from the day, edit and blog them, so there’s still a little bit of me in there!

These guys were all about a relaxed day with their friends and family, in some beautiful New Zealand scenery.  I love this shot as it really sets the tone for the whole day.

Once again Paul captures one of those split second moments, I’m sure they didn’t even know he was shooting them!  Gorgeous!

Because of the rain the day before (see Jeremy and Wendy’s wedding for evidence of the rain…) the track to the Lighthouse was boggy and needed drying out before anyone could go driving on it, so much of the party was held before the actual ceremony.  This was the band, they look like a whole lot of fun!

Emma and Nathan’s little man soon discovered the guitar, and was quite taken with it.

Plucking technique needs a little work though!

Then it was time for the ceremony to start – and as everyone headed off to the Lighthouse, Emma got into her dress and prepared for her surprise arrival!

I love the animated expressions of the surprised guests, priceless!

You can see how relaxed and happy they were to be getting married! 

This was the view of the ceremony from in the air… next time it’s my turn in the chopper my friend!

There was time for a few quick portraits of the newlyweds before they headed back to their party.

I love a wedding that is informal enough for the guests to go for a quick swim in the sea! 

I adore this shot, it’s so Cinderella!

And yes, it’s still amazingly windy up those stairs!

Congratulations Emma and Nathan – what a gorgeous day you had!  I’m so pleased that we could step in at the very last minute, and be part of your special day!

3 thoughts on “Emma and Nathan’s Wedding

  1. Paul, we’ve just logged on to have a look and are so impressed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such a fantastic memory of our day. Brilliant job. Will be in touch tomorrow to sort out the money!

  2. Great job – these photos are a fantastic reminder of a magical day and you have captured the atmosphere perfectly. I hope Paul has recovered from my breakneck driving to beat the helicopter to the Cape! I look forward to seeing the rest of the photos. PS Paul you were right – the light was amazing!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys – was a fantastic day.

    The trip was superb Kate! 🙂 Have you thought about taking up rally driving?!

    Can’t wait for Nathan and Emma to get home so you can all see the rest of the pics!

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