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Charlotte Katie Jones

It’s been a lovely first week, getting to know little Charlotte.  She is an absolute joy to have around!

This was her and I just a couple of hours after she was born.

Only a week later, and she’s already over having her photo taken!

I know it seems a bit greedy to have 6 kids – but when they keep coming out so cute, it’s terribly difficult to stop!  It’s over so quickly, this tiny baby stage, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Thanks to everyone for your patience, I feel myself getting back into things now though – so very soon emails should be replied to quicker, photos edited again and packages will be sent out! 

2 thoughts on “Charlotte Katie Jones

  1. Jess & Paul, your little princess is so precious and just beautiful! Congratulations again!!! 🙂

  2. All your photos are beautiful…Jess and Paul…you could specialise in Baby Portraits too…as well as everything else!…I do adore the wedding shots..this is my ‘happy time’ to come and check out your photos…so relaxing…

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