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Highly Inappropriate!

I have a bit of an oddball sense of humour, in case you haven’t already picked that up.  I’ve come up with a twist on the traditional “Trash the Dress” photoshoot.  It’s all well and good getting the dress dirty, but how about going out in public and finding highly inappropriate places to wear your dress?  The premise is that you got up this morning, and all of your clothes are in the washing.  Not to worry, the wedding dress is clean! 

Here is my *too cute for words* niece Anneke.  I found a dress to fit her, and off to town we went!

Thanks to Nina from Pink Poppie for the awesome flowers!

This girl is not even a model, although she certainly could be!

How about the supermarket?  So much choice in toilet cleaners!

A little bit of drama by a mural in town.

You know that she’s really got what it takes when she can look beautiful at the public toilets!

Pumping gas…. 

Rollerblading!  Why not?

Didn’t we have fun Anneke!  And we didn’t get arrested once! 

Next weekend, all going according to plan, I’ve got an even more dramatic Inappropriate Place To Wear Your Wedding Dress!  This is just the beginning!

3 thoughts on “Highly Inappropriate!

  1. LOVE the photos. Anneke looks GORGEOUS and the pics turned out soooo great! Can’t wait to see the rest of the series!

  2. WoW !!!!! Way too cool !!!!! Your a star Jess 🙂

  3. Love the pics Jess…..well done and wow to the model were did she come from?
    Looking forward to the rest 🙂

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