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Fiona and Josh – Married!

Well, the day finally arrived!  I have been looking forward to photographing Fiona and Josh’s wedding for months now!  We were really hoping for sunny warm weather, but the weather wasn’t playing along.  Not to worry, Fiona looked absolutely stunning, the rain stayed away long enough for them to have a lovely wedding.

Check out the KILLER shoes!

This is Kylie, one of the gorgeous bridesmaids.  She thought she wasn’t photogenic.  Ha!

Finally in the dress!

Paul went with the boys, who arrived at the ceremony in a boat.  Very cool!

I reckon this could be an album cover, if these boys ever decided to start a band.

As the girls were arriving, the groomsmen were waiting to usher them to the boat the wedding was being held on.

I reckon it looks like these girls were chosen out of a ‘bridesmaids catalogue’.

I love these next two photos.  Paul created a little bit of sunlight for us.

Different processing altogether, but I like it too, so I’m just adding both!

This one was Fiona’s idea. Very clever Fi!

I love the speech written on a Stella Artois box!

The speeches were certainly not boring!


Loving the cake people (is there an official name for them?)

Once again I have made far too many for it to be a mere preview – so a slightly bigger preview is on my facebook page.  Go along and feel free to leave comments on the ones you like!

Thanks so much for letting us be part of your day Josh and Fiona.  There are so many more to show you, I’ll see you when you get back from honeymoon 🙂

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  1. WOW, Jess and Paul you two did great, these pics look wonderful and Fiona and Josh you two look gorgeous, it looked like ya had a great day ox

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