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Marlborough Sounds Awesomeness

Paul was on his way home from a job down the Marlborough Sounds this morning, when he happened to spot this piece of complete awesomeness.  It’s one of those one in a million light conditions – he said that within a minute, the light was gone and it was all over.

I’m about to order it in a 30×12″ metallic print.  Email me if you want me to order you one too….


7 thoughts on “Marlborough Sounds Awesomeness

  1. this is just gorgeous 🙂 would love to paint something like this one day…when I get better at it of course.

  2. Oh my goodness that is amazing! What a beautiful part of the world we live in! (Well you guys…I’m in the north island!)

  3. This is amazing. what a great shot.

  4. Stunning Jess! Sooo beautiful!

  5. Wow that is a wonderful shot, that would look lovely up on the wall Jess

  6. This is such a stunning photo. Love it.

  7. Stunning! I want one!

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