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Heather and James – MARRIED!

It didn’t even matter that the weather was threatening rain.  I was loving the look of the clouds, the light that peaked through the angry billows was absolutely divine.  Hurray for a winter wedding! 

Heather and James had everything beautifully planned, so the day flowed with minimal fuss or stress.  Heather was as beautiful as I had imagined, and James was beaming from the very start of the day, to the moment we bidded them farewell. 


I adore Heather, she’s sweet and relaxed and she looks like she’s just stepped out of a bridal magazine.


Bring on the bling on the shoes!  (say that five times, go on, try it)


Paul had started his wedding coverage with the boys.  I love the special moments between a Groom and his Mum.



The entire day was held at Montana, which was an absolutely inspired idea.  No one had to worry about what the weather was going to do, as we were all going to be staying warm and dry regardless.

Love the nervous wait.


Hello there beautiful moment!  Love it, I love it a lot.


And another one.  This is just as Dad presents James with his new wife.  Beautiful.


And she just beams.


Guests at weddings = lovely.


And then they were man and wife!  Congratulations guys!


This was the weather I was talking about.  Could it be more perfect?  I really don’t think so!



Back inside Montana.


The flowers were just fantastic! I love the combination of soft colours and succulents.


It’s always fun to watch people reacting to speeches. 


Those flowers on the top of the cake are icing.  Aha.  Really.  I could hardly believe it either!  I almost wanted to taste them just to be sure, but I’m pretty sure that would not have been a good look.


Montana by night.  As usual, Paul rocked the night shot.


Thanks Heather and James for inviting us into your most precious day.  It was such a privilege to capture it for you!

2 thoughts on “Heather and James – MARRIED!

  1. Such beautiful photos! I get so excited when I see new wedding photos of yours, I can’t wait!!!

  2. amazing shot 5th from the end.. so J* right there!

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