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Family – there’s nothing quite like it, is there?

I have the best job in the world.  Really, I do.  (Well perhaps short of being an official chocolate taster for some expensive Swiss chocolate company.)  Families let me into their lives to record a moment of their history, whether it be a wedding or a newborn, or just because.  It’s a time capsule, and it’s a privilege.

I first met Melissa and Kaiser a few months back.  Since then Melissa asked me to come and photograph her lovely family at her Grandad’s house, as he hasn’t been very well, and so I was able to capture some memories for them.

Check out Kaiser’s cute-as-anything smile. 



I love this one, I love it a lot.


Becky and Melissa having a laugh with Mum.



Melissa had baked the most scrumptious afternoon tea, she’s a girl of many talents I tell you! 


Thanks so much for allowing me to capture your lovely family!  May you create many more happy memories together!

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