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Simon and Nikki – Married!

True love.  I can spot it a mile away.  Nikki and Simon have it in spades.  No, I’d say bucket loads.  Completely inseparable all day, there was nothing that was going to dampen this wedding day.  Even the rain.  It tried, mind you.  We just laughed it off and continued having fun. 

The wee ferns, shaped as a heart with a note that said “My Babe”.  Priceless.



Nikki looked absolutely amazing.



Meanwhile the guys get ready. 


Simon had warned me that his brother looked a lot like him. They were twins, in fact.  “Well, that’s ok.” I thought, “I can handle it.”  And I did.  Mostly.  There were a couple of times I was ever so slightly confused, but I’m fairly sure I didn’t ask Dean to kiss Nikki. 


I don’t even know exactly what’s going on here.  I found it among Paul’s getting ready photos.  Amusing, and ever so slightly disturbing!




The rain decided to stop for long enough so that the ceremony could be held outside at Te Mahia, as planned.


Watching the bride arrive.


I love the fascinator in the Mother-of-the-Bride’s hair.  I often wonder though, why they’re called fascinators?  I mean, they’re very pretty and interesting, but I wouldn’t call them fascinating.  Documentaries about UFOs are fascinating, as are millipedes and those annoying people that can eat anything without getting fat.  So perhaps we should change it’s name to interestor? 



Super cute bride award goes to Nikki. 


Then the rain started again.  But did it worry Simon and Nikki?  Not by the look of it!





Even in the rain, Te Mahia is a gorgeous place.  I told the group that they had made the shape of Australia. I totally wasn’t kidding either.  We were just missing Tasmania, I told them.  No one volunteered to be Tasmania.  Can’t say I blame them.


Then off for some portraits. 


We headed to some large trees just down the road.  The rain had stopped again, and with a little bit of help from Paul’s softbox, we got some gorgeous light going on.



I’m still liking roads.  Look at this one!  What’s not to like?  This was my view with the Canon 70-200mm 2.8L.  Look at them working it!


Meanwhile Paul was capturing the larger view with the Canon 24-70mm 2.8L.


Super awesome trees.




I love how Nikki and Simon love each other.  You simply can’t miss the fact that they are fully meant to be together.



Rainy wedding days do have their downside, believe it or not.  Dresses and shoes can get a little mucky.  This downside was entirely outweighed by Simon coming to the rescue.  This, right here, is what shows what an awesome guy Simon is.  Nikki is a very lucky girl, and by the look on her face, she knows it too.


Then onto the reception in the marque.


Simon’s speech made me smile a whole lot.  I don’t think I was the only one.



Nikki and Simon, thank you so very much for letting us play along with you on your wedding day.  It was a truly gorgeous day.  All the best for your married life, and we wish you many many years of smiles and love.

Vendor Shoutout

Venue: Te Mahia Bay Resort

Celebrant: Jan Hook

Flowers: Mayflower Studio Florist

Hair: Beyond the Fringe, Picton

Dress Maker: Jane Yeh, Brides on Thorndon

Catering: Posh Nosh

2 thoughts on “Simon and Nikki – Married!

  1. Thank you so much Jess and Paul! The photos look absolutley beautiful! Was a great day and you guys made it so easy for us. Can’t wait to see the rest. Awesome!
    Nikki and Simon

  2. Dear Nicki & Simon- Congratulations! What amazing photos- Nicki you look so beautiful! So wish we could have been there to share your special day, but not to be! Look forward to catching up soon. Love Blair, Liz & Jacob X

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