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Tania and Stephen – Engaged!

Stephen and Tania have been in and out of our outer acquaintance circle for some time, always knowing of them, but not really quite knowing them just yet.  I guess that’s life in a small town.  Just friendly faces to say hi to, really.  And then when they got engaged we moved our acquaintance circle just that bit closer, and now next month we’ll be capturing one of the biggest days of their lives!

We first got to know Stephen at Anneke and Jason’s wedding just over a year ago.  Stephen was the best man that day (although, I’ve never quite understood the term ‘best man’, as shouldn’t the groom be the best man?  Anyway, I digress).  Not only was he Jason’s best man, but he’s also his cousin which means that he’s now also related to me, somehow, I think.  He’s my sister’s daughter’s husband’s cousin.  So welcome to the family Stephen!  So Tania, that makes you my sister’s daughter’s husband’s cousin’s fiancé!  Cool!


We’ll also capture some more of these darlings.  Flynn and Taylor stole my heart as soon as I met them!


Flynn and his lollipop got on really well.  It was his reward for being friendly to the crazy lady with the camera. 


We decided to wing their engagement session and follow the light and inspiration.  We ditched the idea of trees and flowers and instead went for a more urban look.  We had quite a few giggles along the way too.


Stephen enjoyed being a ‘prop’ and just supported Tania while she looked amazing.  Don’t tell Stephen this, but I think he looks pretty studly himself.


But Tania, WOW, girlfriend.  You are seriously beautiful!



Stephen and Tania, your wedding is going to be an amazingly beautiful day, I just know it, and I can’t wait.  See you soon!

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