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Dot and Al

I’ve been photographing the Belchers since well before they had such a big brood.  We’ve done quite a bit of stock photography together, and it’s an absolute blast seeing their photos turn up all over the place. 

Obviously, I’m into the whole Autumn at the park theme right now, so we toodled off to the park for a play.   It’s not hard getting good shots of these guys, they’re not a bad lookin’ family 🙂

I love using this brick wall – and check out the little guy.  Ohhhhh, ya just wanna squeeze him!

Thanks for the play guys, we’ll do it again soon – a little earlier in the day so the sun doesn’t set before we’re done throwing the leaves around!

3 thoughts on “Dot and Al

  1. Thanks for the great shots PJ’s – and its been a blast seeing your photography get better and better all the time over the years. I mean I’m weighing in at 400 pounds in these photos..I don’t know how you do it!

  2. Yeah, Al, I like the challenge 🙂

  3. Oh Jess!!! Absolutely LOVE these pics! I like the one of us all on the wall, I don’t remember seeing that one. And the one of Anika is so cute and I still reeeelly like the ones with Al and Malachi and the three kids laughing is great too. We must be your number one fans!

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