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Belle of the Ball

I don’t know how they managed to do it so many times, but my siblings produce some magnificent looking children.  Anneliese is the sister of Daniel whose wedding I’m thrilled to be shooting later in the year.

Anyway, I was able to grab a few quick shots of her before she headed off to her school formal.

Her good friend Chloe was patient enough to play along with the crazy aunty.

In other news:

Great excitement in our home!  My tadpoles have emerged from their slimy sacs, and are swimming free – tomorrow they move into a bigger bowl and more room to explore away from their 60 brothers and sisters. 

I’m enjoying watching the Olympics, particularly the gymnasts.  It’s a fantastic demonstration of what the human body can achieve.  I sit there thinking quietly “I bet I could do that…”  as they flip about from bar to bar, tumbling and twirling.  Then it takes me 17.25 minutes to pull myself off the couch.  Oh well.

I’ve got to get myself into gear and get the blog updated with our latest photographic adventures, so stay tuned for that.

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  1. These are lovely. I like the top one, beautiful. She must love them.

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