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The Miracle on my Windowsill

So – we’ve been given 60 or so pet tadpoles!  They started as little black dots, inside some nasty slimy stuff, and now they’re starting to wriggle about in it a bit.  They don’t seem to mind being locked inside this giant mass of jelly, but I expect one day it will get old for them and they’ll swim right out.  I find myself staring at them for ages, watching them grow is absolutely amazing.  They have been designed so perfectly – I’m pretty sure I’m enjoying them more than the kids! 

So they’re going to hang out at our place for a month or so, then when they’re actually frogs they’ll be sent back to the river.  Because, honestly, who needs 60 frogs hopping around the place? 

2 thoughts on “The Miracle on my Windowsill

  1. Wow, that’s so cool! I had pet frogs as a kid, but never frog eggs.

    Too bad you’re not French – else they’d need not go to waste…

  2. Totally – but the children seem to think it would be unkind to deleg our pets and cook them up. Probably only tastes like chicken anyway!

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