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Well, Spring has well and truly sprung, and isn’t it just beautiful?  The vines have burst back into life, and everything around us is green and full of colour.

It’s been an interesting time since my last post.  I spent nearly a week nursing my poor mother who had a bad fall and had (among other things) 6 broken ribs.  It was an absolutely harrowing week, and the longest time I’ve ever spent away from my darlings.  Thankfully Paul stayed home and kept all 5 children alive, fed and clean – as well as staying on top of his normal photography jobs.  Arriving home I was greeted by a spotless house, a roast in the oven and huge smiles and hugs.

So thank you to everyone for your patience if it took a little longer to have your emails and phone calls answered!  I think we’re back on track now!

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