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Paul’s Handy Work

I’ve been a little blog neglectful lately, I’ve been happily updating weddings, and forgetting the fact that Paul has been taking some stellar images that really should be seen!

This was a shot for Bayleys, I think it looks just like a painting.

Tonight’s sunset was promising to be rather lovely, so I handed Paul the camera and told him to get out there and shoot it.  Nice one babe!

In other news:

All our tadpoles have become frogs and finally (thankfully!) left home.  The kids had a great time watching these amazing little things, but I’m awfully pleased to have 30 less animals to look after!

We’re so excited to be shooting Anna and Tim’s wedding tomorrow!  Can’t wait to be part of their big day, and I’m sure little Seth is going to steal the show…  Watch this space!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love that sunset shot! Nice one Paul.

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