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Jodie and Michael

We were lucky enough to be able to shoot another wedding at Old St Mary’s Convent on Saturday.  This is absolutely the place to get ready for your wedding, everything about it is just beautiful!

Jodie’s dress was so fantastic, I wanted to try it on myself!  That would probably not have been a popular move, so I just took pictures of it instead.

Jodie absolutely glowed – I think the only time she stopped smiling was when she would tear up at the emotion of the occasion.

It was another ‘cute kid’ wedding, I could have taken pictures of these girls all day long, they were sooooo cute!

I love the emotion in all of the faces in this shot.

Meanwhile, down at the church, Michael’s getting all ready for his bride to arrive.

Issy is just the cutest little thing, and everytime I had the camera anywhere near her she’d run to me and want her photo taken.

Walking down the aisle is serious business….

Jodie was well and truly ready to go see her groom!

Who was also well and truly ready to see her.

Don’t they make a gorgeous couple?

Jodie and Michael are such a lovely and friendly couple.  Congratulations guys, I wish you guys all the very best for the future!  Looking forward to catching up again before you head back up to Auckland, to show you the rest of the pictures.

7 thoughts on “Jodie and Michael

  1. Jess they are beautiful – thankyou so much, brought tears to my eyes again!!!!!
    Jodie and Michael

  2. You captured the love and laughter perfectly, the photos are devine Jess.

  3. Jodie & Michael – WOW. You guys look stunning and so happy! What an absolutely beautiful dress Jode – you look totally amazing. My love to you both and wee Izzy. Love Andy

  4. Jodie, Michael and Izzy – great venue, great people, great photos. Thank you for letting us share you special day xxxx

  5. What a fabulous day! So pleased we could make your day… can hardly remember it as my brain is still in baby mode!

    Loads of love

  6. Thank you and your beautiful families for the privilege of attending this very grand occasion!!! It was truly memorable. The images are a wonderful account of the day. Love and God bless to you.

  7. Thank you for giving us the pleasure of attending your beautiful wedding. You looked beautiful Jodie as did your whole wedding party.
    Much love always

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