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Petra and Linton – a stunning wedding!

Yesterday Petra and Linton got married.  But this wasn’t just any wedding, it was intimate, simple and completely beautiful.  It was held at the lighthouse at Cape Campbell. 

Petra looked absolutely stunning, I knew she would!

This was the entire wedding, including bridal party and guests.  Thankfully the weather was perfect, not too hot or cold – however it was rather windy!

After the ceremony we decided to take a walk up to the lighthouse.  I called out to Petra to let her veil go, it would look great.  And it did look great, for about 3 seconds, and then it took off!  Thankfully Linton saved the day and retrieved it for her. 

It was insanely windy at the lighthouse, so we really didn’t stay up there for very long! 

There is this really great little shack, and it’s windswept and leaning just like everything else along the beach!

Back at the farm, we spent a little time hanging out with their horses.  Note the ribbons around their necks!

And a few shots up on the hill where they’re building a house.  What an amazing spot it is!

Thanks so much for allowing us to capture your beautiful day Petra and Linton! 

3 thoughts on “Petra and Linton – a stunning wedding!

  1. The shots are amazing Petra…I am so happy for you!
    xox Ange xox

  2. I love all of these most beautiful pictures; actually I have never seen such extremely gorgeous wedding pictures before!
    You both look so happy…
    Petra and Linton – all the best in the world for you two!
    Congratulations from Germany, tim & tina

  3. Ahoj Petrusko a Lintone,

    jste jak dva andele v raji! At vam vase laska vydrzi a at spolecne ve zdravi prekonate vsechny nastrahy zivota, ktere sebou nese.

    Nikdy nezapomente: na zivot a na smrt v dobrem i zlem 🙂
    Drzime vam palce, at se vam splni vase sny.

    Z Cech zdravi
    Iveta, Lukas a mimi z briska

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