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Nic and Phill – Bumper Post!

Nic and Phill are just the kind of people I like, although we had not ever really met in person before the wedding practise, by the time we left the wedding on Saturday night it felt like I’d known them forever.  I already knew that I’d love Nic when she emailed me weeks before the wedding saying that she’s organised wedding cupcakes for us.  Yes!  You can always win over my love with cupcakes!

Before any cupcakes were to be eaten, there was a lot of fun to be had.  Starting in the morning with hair and makeup at Arthur Devine’s place.

Nic has been super organised with this wedding, months of preparation have gone into it – and it sure paid off on the day.  Everything ran smoothly.

Gifts for the bridesmaids…

And those were happy-excited-about-to-get-married tears!

Andrea, one of the bridesmaids (and also Phill’s sister) doubled as the day’s florist, and did a fantastic job!

You can never have too much fussing, right before you get married.

Nic was positively radiant, and didn’t stop smiling and laughing all day.

I ADORE this shot of Sam (Nic’s sister) being told by her Dad that she looks beautiful.  Gorgeous!

He thought that Nic scrubbed up pretty well too!

Nic, being the highly organised woman that she is, was ready in plenty of time and so we were out on the road before the limo had even arrived!

All was well though – and sure enough she was off to the ceremony in her stylish ride.

Meanwhile, the boys make double sure that the rings were still in the box.

Phill seems pretty darn pleased to see his bride!

The weather had threatened to rain all week, but Saturday turned out to be a glorious day – there was just a little wind, which simply meant that Phill could share his tender side.

Nic and her new mother-in-law.

Back in the Limo…

and off to Pollard Park!

Just nanoseconds before I took this photo, Phill had tossed his cell phone towards the other guys, not realising that it would fall onto the concrete and bust right open.  This was the exact moment of impact.  Just check out the faces!  I love Phill’s “I totally didn’t expect that!” face.

I was getting a completely different shot, but Paul spotted this angle and once again outshot me.

Back at Drylands there were some speeches to be had.

Now, I know there is something special about these glasses, but I have yet to hear exactly what it is.  John, who was proposing a toast at the time, also knew the glasses were special somehow but didn’t know what it was either.  So we toasted to the glasses, but still the mystery remains.

Have you ever seen a cuter Grandma?

I had warned Nic and  Phill that when the light was right outside, I would be dragging them back out for a few quick shots…

They seemed all too pleased to have the opportunity to practise the dance they had been having lessons for for the last six months!

Ohhhh…. I love this delicious light!

Back inside and some serious cuteness going on!

Time for the dance, let’s see if all that hard work paid off!

It absolutely did!  “Let’s Get Retarded” may not be a traditional first dance song, but these guys totally rocked!  Everyone was absolutely thrilled.

The Noodles came over from Wellington, and they were awesome!  I found myself tapping my feet and singing along!

Time for some CUPCAKES!  These were from Cupcake Parlour in Christchurch, and not only did they look absolutely awesome, they were soooo yummy!

I know this post has been double the normal size, but the day was just jam-packed with awesomeness and I would have shortchanged the story by having any less!

Nic and Phill, thank you so very much for inviting us to be part of your day – thanks for the cupcakes and the beautiful meal.  It was our absolute pleasure to be able to capture these memories for you.  I can’t wait to show you all the rest!

4 thoughts on “Nic and Phill – Bumper Post!

  1. how fantastic looks like you all had a ball what awesome photos !

  2. Wow! What amazing photos. Looks like an amazing day. So sorry that we couldn’t be there. xx

  3. well what can can i say bought a tear to my eye. so wish we could have been with you on you special day. but know that we will do something special when you come to Engand….. love and best wishes always auntie sarah xx

  4. Nicola and Phill looked happy and Samantha and bridesmaids very smart and lovely flowers. Looking forward to seeing you both in Cornwall.
    Love Auntie Elaine xx

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