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Matthew and Jennifer’s wedding in paradise!

This week we photographed our second wedding out at beautiful Te Mahia and for the second time the bride and groom were called Matthew and Jennifer! 

The wedding was organised entirely by Jennifer’s Dad and Stepmum, and they made sure there were surprises for them through the whole day, and one of them was us!  Now, I don’t know that I’ve ever been a surprise for anyone before (except maybe my parents….) so this was all new to me!

Jennifer and Matthew are our third couple from England coming over to get married here in as many weeks.  This may account for the rough weather we’ve been having, they’ve been bringing the rain with them! 

Waiting for the go ahead.

It was a lovely intimate ceremony with only six guests in total.

How’s this for some beautiful scenery!

Jennifer and Dad.

A really lovely and easy going couple, I never expected them to be able to ‘work it’ like rock stars, but they totally did! 

We almost decided to leave our umbrellas at home for this wedding, because it was supposed to be perfect weather, and for the most part it was.  Then suddenly it got dark, and began to hail.  Like bucket loads of hail, pelting down.  So we were fairly glad we’d brought the umbrellas after all!  Thankfully it was over in about 10 minutes, and the lovely weather came back.

Matthew seemed pretty happy to get the girl….

And can you blame him?  WOW how photogenic is she?! 

I couldn’t decide which one of these two I loved more, so I just have to put them both in!

A stroll on the beach.

Jennifer and Matthew – thank you for letting us be part of your day!  I’m sure you’re going to have the most fabulous reception party when you get back home to England, and you will have had the best of both worlds!  I wish I could come along and capture it for you (I would definately be bringing my umbrella!)

3 thoughts on “Matthew and Jennifer’s wedding in paradise!

  1. Thanks Jess and Paul the photos are awesome cant wait to see them all, wish you could come to England for round 2. xxx

  2. Jess n Paul,

    We have seen many many wedding photos over the years, but none to quite match the quality and imagination you display here. Thanks you so much for making an amazing day magical. xx

  3. Hi Matt & Jennifer
    The photographs are wonderful, you both looked enchanting & what amazing scenery…beautiful!

    Many congratulations to you both.

    ps. Bring the sunshsine back with you…!

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