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Ben and Alice

What a wonderful start to the wedding season!  We’ve known Ben from Windhawk Helicopters for a while now, he takes Paul on all those marvelous helicopter jobs.  I’ve been looking forward to this wedding, not only because Ben is our friend, but also because I knew Alice would be a beautiful bride, and I was certainly not dissapointed! 

I’m such a sap.  For some reason this wedding got to me.  There were beautiful moments all day, I simply had to collect them.

Check out the time on the watch.  The wedding was at 3pm, ten minutes to go!

I know I’ve said it before, but YAY for Pink Poppie!


This next photo is my favourite of the day.  I can just stare at it for ages.  A ‘mother of the bride’ moment.  Absolutely stunning.

Meanwhile Paul is with Ben while he gets ready. 

Wow, this one gets me too.  How gorgeous!

While Ben was saying his vows you could really tell that he meant every word.  Sometimes I wish I took video as well, I don’t think anyone could watch it without getting a little teary!

I’m pretty sure Ben’s parents could tell that he meant it too.

Time for some quick portraits.  Although it looked warm, the day was absolutely FREEZING!  Poor Alice is an Aussie girl, and I don’t think she enjoyed the arctic feel in the air!

This is actually where they live, up on this hill.  Not too shabby a view!

Can you tell these two are brothers?!

Into the Limo…

And then off to Montana!

And a ‘mother of the groom’ moment.  You can see why I adored this wedding, can’t you?

Alice and Ben, what an amazing day it was.  We were so thrilled to be part of it – there are still sooooo many more moments to show you, I can’t wait!  See you when you get back!

In other news:  You’ll notice that the blog has slightly changed to allow for larger images.  Paul’s been busily programming to make the pictures look even bigger and better.  I’m sorry to those of you still on dialup!

3 thoughts on “Ben and Alice

  1. Just absolutely beautiful jessica, Those photo’s teared me up! Such a wonderful job done.

  2. Wow! Such beautiful photos of a happy day. Well done! Captures the atmosphere perfectly.

  3. Fantastic Wedding! And very tallented photography (although I have never seen a bad photo of Alice, ever). Well done, can’t wait to see the finished product.

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