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Hawke Family

Most days I wake up and I can’t believe just how blessed my life is.  Really.  I’ve got half a dozen amazing children, a husband I just adore and a job that feels more like a hobby than a job most days. 

Some days I have to admit that I forget how blessed I am – and it’s not all that often, but sometimes life just gets a bit too busy, the phone keeps ringing and the washing is piling up.  I think it was a day like that when I met Pip and her beautiful family.  When I told her how many kids I had she exclaimed something like “Oh, you’re so lucky!” 

She’s such a lovely Mum and one small conversation with her and I felt a million times better about the towels that still hadn’t been hung out, the baby that was possibly going to wake that night and the groceries that need constant replenishing.  I am blessed, amazingly blessed.

So this is Pip’s family – really nice people! 



Mickey the kitten, saw fun everywhere!



I love this brothers shot.


Often I don’t include the head in photos.  Sometimes I get funny looks from people, as in “You missed our heads?”  Yeah, I did mean to.


In other news:

I’m not sure what’s going on right now in the ‘engaged couples’ world, but they’re all coming out of the woodwork!  I’m getting so many requests for pricelists lately!  Even requests for as far away as 2012.  We don’t actually book more than a season away, but if you’ve got your heart set on a certain date, I’ll pop your name on the calendar so that I know you’re interested.  We’re planning on having our 2011/2012 Summer Pricelist out in about 6 months, when we’ll open bookings for that season.

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