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Vaughan and Nicola – Engaged!

Met Nicola and Vaughan:


These guys are a super cute couple who are getting married in March.  I first met them about a year ago when they were planning their wedding which still seemed so far away.  They walked back into my office the other day, and I couldn’t believe that a whole year had passed!

Anyway – Nicola had seen the Japanese Gardens on the blog, and quite liked the idea of that – so off we went!   For those who don’t know where they are, they’re up the end of Howick Rd.  Not a whole lot of people know about it, well so it seems anyway.  There’s a big cage with cardboard in it that the kids use to go scooting down the hill.  Very fun.


How cute are they!


Nicola is a doctor and in the process becoming an anesthetist – such a cool job! 


This is THE TREE.  I know – I feature it a lot.  I love the tree.  It’s worth the trip up the hill to get there.




I can’t wait for your wedding Nicola and Vaughan, it’s going to be spectacular! 

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