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Scarlett – Utter Cuteness

Scarlett is ten months old and the yummiest thing you ever did see.  She’s short, a teeny bit squishy and full of toddlerisms.  I doubt that toddlerism is actually a word (I’m fairly sure it’s not, as my blog spellchecker is screaming at me right now!) but I think it should be, so I’m just going to go ahead and add it to my dictionary.  There, now it’s official. 

Toddlerism: when a small squishy person does very immature things, like eat leaves or dribbles. 


Liz and Fran are going to be in this Saturday’s bridal party for Nicola and Vaughan.  So it was awesome to get to know them a bit better, as well as making friends with Scarlett.



Could they be any cuter?  I don’t think so.


Scarlett is Nicola and Vaughan’s goddaughter, as well as being the first grandchild on both sides of the family.  So yes, she’s number 1!


She seems to be developing a love for golf, just like her Dad and Granddad.  Maybe next time we’ll include the club and ball.





Ooooo baby fingers!  Love them.



Although I am somewhat disgusted in how summer was this year, especially now that it’s over, I am secretly pleased that Autumn is upon us.  Prepare yourself for lots of autumn colours in the next couple of months.


I’m looking forward to shooting Fran and Liz again on Saturday.


And you can see why!


But today really belonged to this gorgeous little thing!


Thanks for coming out this morning guys!  I can’t wait to show you all the rest, see you at the wedding!!

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  1. Such a cute little girl and gorgeous family. These shots are amazing, I’d expect nothing less from you of course. 🙂

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