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Stephen and Carissa – Married!

I’ve never been one of the cool kids.  Like, not even a little bit cool.  I’m not even nerdy enough to be nerdy-cool.  Nope.  Somehow I’ve grown to be ok with that though.  I married my honey 15 years ago and he’s equally as uncool as me (although bordering on nerdy-cool, perhaps).

However, donned with our cool-as-heck cameras, we get let into people’s ultra awesome weddings!  Stephen and Carissa’s wedding was one of those.

Another stunning Marlborough day, the wedding once again held at Old St Marys Convent, and beautiful and fun people.  It’s a win/win.





This is the invitation for Carissa’s grandmother, who passed away a couple of months ago.  Weddings are such a special time, it’s always nice to remember family and friends who weren’t able to be part of the day.


Stephen had a gift for Carissa, and by the look on her face, I think he did good!


And this is it, a bracelet that perfectly matched her dress.  Good job Stephen!


Father Paul O’Conner came all the way from Wellington to celebrate the marriage.  He taught Stephen as a teenager, so it was lovely to have someone special to him to take the service.


Meanwhile, Stephen waits for his bride.



During the message, everyone sat in the pews.  I love this shot.  This is why you have bridesmaids.  Priceless.







This was just as they were about to exit the church as man and wife.


Inside the car, and yes, happy!


The flowers were absolutely beautiful!  Done by Jane Fowler at Fleurs.  Gorgeousness.




Then off for a quick walk down the grapevines before the reception at MVH.  



The room was beautifully decorated, and the flowers…stunning!


We were so grateful to be part of your day Stephen and Carissa.  Enjoy married life together, and make the most of the summer here in NZ and on your honeymoon before you head back over to the UK!

Vendor Shoutout:

Ceremony Venue: Old St Marys Convent

Reception Venue: Marlborough Vintners Hotel

Cars: Marlborough Limousines

Hair: Vanessa from Vogue

Flowers: Jane Fowler, Fleurs

3 thoughts on “Stephen and Carissa – Married!

  1. Gorgeous, I love how you’ve kept the detail in the dress and didn’t blow it out.

  2. Jessica, I have looked at these photos everyday since the wedding and am just delighted with your imagages of a most wonderful celebration. Thank you for capturing these memories for us all.

  3. You did justice to our very first Grandchild, Lovely intimate images very seldom recorded and so easily forgotten Thank you

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