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Krissy & Brendon – Married!

Krissy and Brendon’s wedding was right up there on my ‘can’t wait’ list.  I fell in love with them in November when I did their Engagement Shoot and have been waiting with bated breath to watch these two get married.


Krissy’s wedding dress was special.  Very special.  It was the first dress she’s ever worn…. ever!  It was first wedding dress she tried on, and it was perfect.  So she saw a good thing, and she stuck with it.  She’s lost an astounding 43kg since she started her weight loss journey and to say she looks amazing would be an understatement!



Every detail about their day was planned out.  Everything was set out and ready.  All Krissy had to do was step into it and enjoy.


I was greeted with a lot of enthusiastic barking when I turned up to the house.  I highly doubt that Buddy remembers me but I sure remembered him and his fluffy little white head!



Amazing, hu?


Meanwhile Brendon waits for his bride to arrive.


The ceremony was held at the lovely Green Gables.


I have no idea why the rings hardly ever fit.  But it sure makes for good photos.


Do you think he adores his new wife?  If you said yes, I’d say you’re right!


Brendon has also lost an amazing amount of weight (30kg last I heard!) and he looks absolutely dashing.  I did a happy dance when I heard they were keen to go out to the old buildings, and Rarangi for photos.  It felt like Christmas!



The light was being oh-so-kind to us.  Late afternoon, I love you.


There is this cool old machine thingie there.  I have no idea what it does, or did, more like it, but it sure does look pretty.


Rarangi on a perfect day.  Time to play! 




Krissy’s sister Leesa (far right) has also been loosing an amazing amount of weight.  30kg so far!  It just astounds me how motivated these girls are.   I wish I had even a quarter of their motivation!


Could they be more perfect? 


I actually *gasped* when I walked into Drylands where the reception was being held.  The seating board has to be the BEST one I have EVER seen!  Sure it’s got my picture on it, maybe that has something to do with it…..


You can never, ever, go wrong with chocolate for guests. 



I know a girl isn’t supposed to covet, but GAH! Look at the bling!



Brendon and Krissy.  You guys are super.  More than super, really.  You are a total inspiration to me.  We loved your wedding, and we wish you every single happiness that life can possibly throw your way!

Vendor Shoutout

Hair: Kwaafyoor Hair Design

Celebrant: Terry Terrill

Flowers: Pink Poppie Designer Florist

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Ceremony Venue: Green Gables

Reception Venue: Drylands

Cake: Sweet Kitchen

12 thoughts on “Krissy & Brendon – Married!

  1. absolutely amazing photos, a Leesa looks pretty flash too.

  2. You guys have done so well…. Krissy you simply looked stunning
    All the Best for the future

  3. Krissy and brendon, I love the both of you. Simply beautiful.

  4. congratulations krissy (and brendon) you both look amazing-krissy you were an absolutely stunning bride. leesa you look gorgeous xoxo

  5. beautiful,just stunnimg

  6. Congratulation Krissy and Brendan, words just can’t express how absolutely beautiful you two looked, as did all of the wedding party, the photos are stunning, Jessica Jones has done an amazing job capturing it all. All the best for the future, see you soon xx

  7. so neat to see some of the finished pics of your special day…totally stunning

  8. You guys both look amazing, the photos are great and the day looks like it couldn’t have been better for you. We both love you both very much and are very proud of you including our grandson Buddy 🙂

  9. Absolutely alsome photo’s again Jess! But look at the stunning couple! You look beautiful guys!

  10. Your photo’s are just amazing and it was such a pleasure to look at, they certainly are a gorgeous couple..

  11. OMG these are just so beautiful! You two looked amazing in person and amazing in the photos. So pleased you had the perfect day.

  12. what a fab day and the most gorgeous wedding party.

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