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Sally and Joshua – Engaged!

A spare U2 ticket, that’s all it took to spark a little flame that would later become a full on fire.  Not a real flame, or that would be a terrible waste of a perfectly good U2 ticket.  No, it was when Sally and her sister gave Josh the spare ticket that they first really started to notice each other.  Sally said that Josh liked her first, he didn’t object, so I figure she’s probably right.  A long distance relationship then started, and when Josh obviously knew that Sally was well worth pursuing he headed down to Christchurch, and the rest is history!


We decided to go to Rarangi for their E-Session, and although a little bit chilly (you get that in May!) the light was great!



Sally had commented when we started out that the couples on this blog always seem so affectionate, and she felt a bit unsure about how they would be in front of the camera.  Well Sally, just as I said!  You guys look totally adorable! 




Sally and Josh are super easy to get along with, and we chatted the entire time.  By the time we got back home I felt like I had made new friends!



Thanks so much for coming out with me Sally and Josh- I had such fun with you both!  Can’t wait until December, it’s going to be great fun!

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  1. Beautiful photos.Great colour dress Sal for the photos and you. You both look so happy and very photogenic.

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