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Nadia and Dan – Family Life Session

I’ve heard many old people reminisce about the days they had their young family, how it was one of the nicest times in their life. They say that time flies by so quickly, enjoy them while they’re small. 

How much would I treasure the ability to look back in time to the life of my family when I was a toddler?  What would I give to see my mum again and how she cared for me.  My favourite cuddly toy, the meals we shared, the way my siblings played with me? 

When we get professional photos done, why do we dress our children up in clothes they don’t often wear, pose them with props they don’t play with? And we think the story ends with a well posed family portrait of everyone sitting  in a park, or against a bland backdrop?  What about the thrill on a wee girls face when Daddy walks in the door? What about the glee of ‘helping’ mummy bake a cake? What about the tantrum in the hall? The shopping trip? The favourite princess dress? What about the bugs and dirt and sandpit? Why do we leave all of these far more precious moments to the amateur camera or someone’s iPhone?


Because when those treasures leave home and the noisy house falls silent, that’s when those fleeting moments will be missed. And when that child has children of their own, and if the parents that raised and loved them are no longer around, the images of those goodnight stories and kisses will be worth far more than the family silver.



I spent an afternoon photographing Nadia and Dan, and their two gorgeous kids, Amelia and Max. It wasn’t just your every day ordinary photo session, this session was all about capturing them as a family. Right now. Because in a few short years time all of the little details of their lives will have changed, and these images will be a time capsule. One beautiful era frozen and cherished.

I first met Nadia and Dan when I photographed their little darling Amelia a couple of years ago.  Now Amelia is much more grown up, and has a little brother!






Playdoh and tea parties.




We can’t forget the outside play!  Beware the small boy with a hose.



We spent some time playing on the block of land that will have their new house built on it.  Check out Waggo the dog, desperately wanting someone, ANYONE to throw his stick.



While they are waiting to build their house with a bath, the children love their makeshift bucket baths.  It doesn’t get a lot more fun than this!



I think every parent can identify with the feelings in these shots!  Scrummy clean babies!



Nadia and Dan, thank you so very much for allowing me to capture your beautiful family and create a time capsule for you in years to come.  It was great fun! 

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  1. WOW… gorgeous shots perfectly capturing everyday family moments. so special! super cute kids too!

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