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Rehm Family – At Home

Vanessa and Shane have a beautiful, happy and energy filled little tribe.  To continue with my ‘At Home’ series, may I present you with the utterly ADORABLE Rehm family, At Home!


You know those moments when you’re just waiting for the toaster to pop?  Well total bonus when you’re THIS cute and there’s some sweet light in the kitchen…



Tahlia is a bright little button with a smile that will melt you to your very core.


I found Beau outside setting a trap for bad guys.  Apparently this was going to trip them up and catch them, and then he was going to make them say they were sorry for their badness.  Definitely the way to deal with bad guys!



While Beau was outside setting traps for bad guys, Aston was setting up an invitation for a playdate with his friend.


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VanessaRehm08Vanessa and Shane, you guys are doing a tremendous job at parenting!  Thanks for letting me capture a little bit of you guys at home!

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