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The Richardsons – Family Portraits

I’m often asked “Who shoots your family portraits?”  To be honest, we don’t get them done nearly as often as we should (what do they say about the builders house?)  BUT, when we do get them done it’s by the AMAZING Heather and Doug Records.  I first met Heather when she asked me to photograph her wedding, nearly a decade ago, this was BEFORE she was even engaged.  I wasn’t really used to having a fan, especially one from another town entirely, but once I established that she wasn’t too crazy we became fast friends (being a little bit crazy is good if we’re going to be friends).  Falling in love with Doug and Heather was easy, they’re bright, bubbly and have a beautiful positivity about them.  So it goes without saying that wee Isaac is all of those things and even more.  Doug and Heather asked us to come down to Christchurch and photograph their next amazing chapter, not only this adorable little man, but having another darling joining them soon!  And their iconic yellow Mini.








Heather, you are splendidly beautiful, and this mothering thing sure does suit you!



I’ve had half a dozen kids myself, so I well remember how handy the belly shelf is.  Plates, cups, small children, now have somewhere to perch themselves.  It’s one of the upsides to not being able to see your feet.



Heather, Doug and Isaac.  What an absolute buzz it is to be able to photograph your WAY CUTE little fambam.  I can’t wait to meet your newest addition!

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