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Gettin’ a little sentimental….

It was my little man’s 7th birthday today.  All my children are precious to me, but when Sammy has a birthday I have to shed a little tear.  Y’see he was born with a congential heart defect, Transposition of the Great Arteries, and had to have open heart surgery at 7 days old and spend a month in hospital.  He’s got a clean bill of health now, but I’m well aware of the struggles he’s been through and how extreamly blessed we are to have him with us.

After the surgery…. and chatting with daddy.

These days hanging out with Dad is a lot more fun…

6 thoughts on “Gettin’ a little sentimental….

  1. Dear Jessica,
    These photos are just beautiful. I’ve stumbled upon your website after coming home from my son, Evan’s, yearly check-up with his cardiologist. Although he’ll be 17 on Febreuary 2,2009, those memories are forever burnished in my memory. Your story brought back so many memories, and is so similar to ours; we too have three older girls who were 5,3 and almost 2 years when their baby brother was born. Now, believe it or not they are almost 23,20 and soon to be 19 years old! Evan is doing well and plays soccer for his high school, as well as track and basketball. We are so fortunate to have had this surgery in our boys’ lifetimes. Take care, and may God bless you all in the new year.

    Gretchen McHugh
    Whitman, MA, USA

  2. Jessica,

    Every now and then I search for info online about how people with this condition are doing. You see, I was born with the transposition back in ’82 and had surgery when I was a year old. I am now 26 and still very active and healthy; I have been extremely fortunte with my health.

    I’m always looking to find more people with this condition older than myself so to have some idea of what’s to come in the future. Since open heart surgery wasn’t commonly available for a long time before I had my surgery, I consider myself one of the “test units” lol. I just wanted to give you some extra hope and assurance for your son, as I have been able to lead a very normal and fulfilling life, I’m sure he will be able to. God bless.

    Anna Gilbert
    Bowdoinham, ME, USA

  3. i am pregnant and have found out that my baby boy has TGA it was very comforting reading what you went through and how you all coped and is good to know what to expect for the next couple of months. thank you

  4. Hi there,
    Thank-you for your story. OUr lovely Isabella was born with TGA. We are home now afer a sucessful surgery and she is just perfect. Comforting to read other stories. Beautiful pictures. All the best
    Kind Regards

  5. I enjoyed reading your story, I just found out this past week that my baby boy has TGA and I found that reading your story helped me alot! All I can do is cry and ask god why this is happening to our baby boy? I just feel sad all of the time and knowing what is up ahead for us and that our 2 yr old son now has been looking forward to his new brother coming into world and I know he is not going to understand that we can’t bring him straight home when he is born. I know the worst part is having him and knowing that as soon as he is born he will be whisked off, it will feel like forever but hopefully after the surgery he will be a normal active boy just like your’s. I am so glad he is doing well, I hope you and your family have a happy holiday and many more to come.

  6. Dear Jessica, My husband and myself were overwhelmed reading about your struggle. I am 27 weeks pregnant with a baby girl with TGA. Though it is tough to go through all this your experience has given us hope and trust that everything will work out fine for our baby as well. Thanks for sharing it.. very much appreciated. – Harsha & Sreekumar

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