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Amanda and Cameron

This was such a lovely wedding yesterday.  Amanda looked amazing, and oh so brave on a winter’s day.  Thankfully, the weather was absolutely perfect, and the light held out exactly as we had wanted it to. 

The ceremony finished about 10 minutes before the sun was to set, so we dashed outside to get the last of the beautiful light.  It was well worth it!  Thankfully Drylands Estate’s vineyards still had some autumn colours going on, so it was just perfect!

Just as the sun was dipping behind the hill….

This was inside the Limo on the way into town to grab some more dusk shots.

These girls were just lovely, especially considering it was a long and tiring day for them!

There are so many more I could still add – but I’ve got to stop somewhere 🙂  Thanks so much for letting us into your special day guys! 

7 thoughts on “Amanda and Cameron

  1. Photographs are beautiful and very very clever. They will be very proud.

  2. Wow!! Fantastic photos and we are both really impressed with how professional they are, plus the fact that working with you was just so natural. Thank you so much for your time and for making us both look so good!!!!!

  3. Wow is right – great photos. Amanda you look beautiful, and Cam didn’t scrub up too bad either!!

  4. Great photos and a great night. Just showing the family and they are impressed. Of course they did not recognise Cameron in a suit.

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments 🙂 It always makes my day!

    Amanda – it wasn’t very hard to get you to look good!!

  6. Wonderful day.Thankyou Manda and Cam. Manda you looked stunning, Cam you lucky man you!

  7. I simply adore the photo’s. The girls, Charlotte and Piper look like beautiful young ladies. The day was fantastic. Thank you so much for a day to remember. Oh yeah Welcome to the family Cam!!

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