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Michelle and Murray

Yesterday was beautiful, warm and sunny.  Perfect for Michelle and Murray to get married!  Our new lens had arrived in time, so I was feeling pretty darn happy about life!

Michelle looked absolutely gorgeous, love the tiara!

…. and the most beautiful details on her dress.

The colour in the flowers was absolutely amazing, beautifully orchestrated by Pink Poppy here in Blenheim.

Check out Riley, don’t ya just want to squeeze those cheeks?!

And three year old Jackson, who was wondering what all the fuss was about.

Meanwhile, Paul was with the guys.

Then we headed off to the beautiful Hortensia Gardens.

And then off to Brancott for some more photos and the reception!

I told the guys to pose like a Boy Band…hehe, apparently that wasn’t going to happen!

So check out the cake!  Wicked 🙂

Michelle made a beautiful speech.

As did Murray.

Check these two stud muffins out.  Love the suits!!

More of the flowers!

Hmmm… I think I may have overdone the preview!  Anyway guys, thanks so much we were honoured to be part of your big day! 

6 thoughts on “Michelle and Murray

  1. Absolutley beautiful, Michelle looked gorgeous and Murray very handsome, and what about those very cute adorable boys of theirs, Jackson and Riley. We are so happy and glad their day was so beautiful for them. They are truly are lovely family…xxxx
    P.S The photography was amazing….

  2. What a gorgeous dress Michelle, you look great!! And so do Jackson and Riley.
    Congratulations to you both.

  3. Michelle I loved your photo’s they were fantastic and You look gorgeous. Hope you had a lovely day, can’t wait to catch up again Love ya, Congrates

  4. Wow, you looked stunning Michelle, fantastic photos. Great the sun was smiling for you, Congratulations and have a awesome honeymoon. Love Sarah

  5. Congrats to Michelle and Murray. I first met Michelle 3 years ago when our children Jackson and Emily (my daughter) was a couple of months old. There was about 7 or 8 mums that “clicked” and we formed our mother’s group in Brisbane (bit of sanity). We have all had our second children all around the same time and we have watched Michelle, Murray and the kids grow as a happy and delightful family. Michelle you looked beautiful and Muz and the boys scrubbed up well. Glad you had a fabulous and happy day. See you soon. Love Tracey, Brendan, Emily and Jed.

  6. Hey woman…… you scrub up well….And that sister of mine looks ok too. he he You look absolutely amazing and Happy. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family.

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