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Great News! Kodak Gold Awards 2008

It’s been a nail biting couple of weeks waiting for the winners of this year’s Kodak Gold Awards to be announced.  What an absolute buzz it was to receive TWO silver awards in the portrait section!  I was soooo excited when the parcel came with my name on it!  *quietly danced a little jig*

Here are the two winners;

What I adore about these images most of all are the subjects.  It was as if I wasn’t even there, and they are just there enjoying each other’s company. Thank you guys SO much for letting me in. 

In other news:

Our tadpoles are much more frog-like now.  In fact I think we’ve got about 7 little frogs sitting on the leaves and rocks outside the water, while their two legged siblings look up longingly.  It was funny actually, the little frogs grew a huge dislike to the water overnight and now flail about in a panicked fashion if they ever end up back in the water.   You wouldn’t think a frog would have a water phobia?  Well ours certainly do, they must have had a troubled childhood.

We’ve just ordered a delicious new lens (Canon 50mm f1.2 L), and are busting for it to be here in time for Michelle and Murray’s wedding on Friday.  Paul seems pretty certain it’s going to be the best thing since we bought our 70-200mm f2.8, and he’s also pretty convinced that he’s the one to get the first turn.  We’ll just have to see about that….

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  1. Well done! Those are great pics!

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