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Andrea and John

Andrea and John are another one of my couples that have planned their wedding entirely from the UK, although they are originally from NZ (which may account for the fact that it was merely overcast, not raining this time!)

As soon as I saw that beauitful lace on the dress, I knew Andrea would look absolutely perfect!

And she did!

Meanwhile, back at Old St Mary’s Convent the boys seemed fairly relaxed.

One of the best parts of a wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle with her Dad, and without fail the Dad looks as proud as can be.  This wedding was no exception!

The view from that back can be equally as moving.  What I especially loved about this wedding was that everyone was there enjoying the ceremony, not spending most of it trying to get their cameras to work.  There was not a single camera out during the ceremony – except of course ours capturing everything from both angles!

This was the moment after the kiss.  How cute is that?!

I am a big fan of St Mary’s Convent, there are just so many fantastic places to take photos, wet or dry.

Flowers again by Pink Poppie – great job as usual Nina!

This was such a fun group, I thought I’d try something new for me.  I took a photo from the front, as usual….

but also from behind!  I think it would be great to put these in an album, on either side of the page.

The boys were great fun all day.  When I said we’d try for a ‘boy band’ look, they took it quite literally and grabbed a couple of old rakes.

I love throwing in a jump shot every now and then.

I’m loving the vineyards right now.  I think harvest starts in a week or two.

Back inside the Convent, and there’s no lack of pretty places.

I love the back of Andrea’s dress, that lace was just exquisite!

And back at the reception, the speeches were about to begin.

Great emotion was to be captured, from tears…

to laughter!

And some yummy looking food by Alaine the ‘Swiss Guy’.

What a great day it was guys – thanks so much for letting us be part of it!  Have a great trip back to the UK!

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  1. Hi Andrea and John
    These photos are fantastic and Mum and Dad said it was a wonderful day. Congratulations. Karen and Martin

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