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Kate and James

I first met Kate when she was a bridesmaid for Rachel last year, and so I have been looking forward to photographing her wedding for a while now!

Loyal blog followers will recognise Rachel, who is looking lovely as ever.

But this day belonged to Kate, and she looked absolutely gorgeous!

Aha – that’s rain you see there on the window.  And although Kate no longer lives in England, she did book me while she lived there, so does that count towards my theory?

The rain didn’t seem to get anyone down though!

And James waits…

This was my view of Kate and her Dad.

And this was Paul’s.  I had NO idea Dad was helping her with the veil until I saw this picture.  How cute.

There’s a whole series of gorgeous expressions from Kate during the actual wedding.

The parents during the ceremony.

These guys are so friendly, smiled a whole lot, were really into eachother, and more than a bit attractive – what more could I ever ask for?

Inside by the crates for Kate’s parents nursery – Ormond Nurseries and I think this may be my favourite shot.

When I shot their engagement photos, I think they thought I was a little loopy for a doing legs only shot.  However, after seeing them and using those very same shots on their invitations – they were quite happy to do a wedding one!

I dunno, but I think this may be my favourite of the day.


Some very cool expressions going on here….

And back at the reception, and I love this one of James’ Dad.

We thoroughly enjoyed this wedding, rain and all!  You guys had the most fantastic attitudes, and were so much fun to be around.  Hopefully we see you next time you’re down this way, stop on by for a coffee!

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