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Katie and Jess

Yesterday I had a really fun shoot with Katie, Jess and their Dad Rob.  These girls really know how to work a camera, and they’re not afraid to be themselves – which, by the way, is super cute!

Some of the loveliest shots I think are the ‘in between’ shots, where they just forget about the camera for a minute.

But there wasn’t a lot of forgetting about the camera with Katie! 

And Jess really wasn’t camera shy either!

I don’t know what Rob was doing behind me, but apparently it was rather hilarious!

We went to a few different locations – and these girls just kept on being gorgeous.  After a couple of hours, most people are well and truly over it, and ready to go home, but Katie and Jess just soldiered on.  They were such a joy the shoot that the time just disappeared.

Rob, these girls are an absolute credit to you.  I’m looking forward to showing you the whole collection! 

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