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Caroline & Jamie – Married!

On Saturday we were invited to photograph Caroline and Jamie’s big day. I’ve been busting to blog these, but ended up with so many shots I wanted to share, so I’ll put some on here and a bunch more on my facebook page. 

Caroline is the sweetest girl.  Soft spoken, funny and just plain nice really.  She mentioned that she didn’t like to be the centre of attention, so I’ve decided to post all of her images without the head.  No… kidding, of course!  But I do like this shot a lot!

See?  Cute hu?

She had Jen and Jodie, her two great friends by her side.  Well done girls, you were great bridesmaids!

Jamie and Caroline have two dogs, and they’re very much their babies.  So of course they were included in the photos as well!

Jamie is also sweet and soft spoken, they make such an awesome pair!

The wedding was held at Gibbs Restaurant, very nice indeed. 

Waiting with the boys, you can just feel the nerves, can’t you?

How cute is this!?

Loving this one.  I’ve actually got quite a lot of pictures of the grandparents.  I love watching them during a wedding ceremony, there’s always so much love and pride.

Ahhhhh… the late light!  Caroline is a designer and obviously knows a thing or two about planning her photos for the perfect light.  Good job Caroline!!

The lads…

These guys were a lot of fun to shoot! 

I’m so grateful to be able to lie on my tummy again.  It was getting mighty tricky near the end of the pregnancy to get these great low angles!

Jamie grew up in this area, and spent much of his childhood days playing on this very section, which used to belong to his grandparents.  These roses were much loved by his grandmother.

Did I mention that I love this late light? 

Caroline designed the invitations and menus etc for her wedding, and what an awesome job she did!

Ohhh… the speeches, so heartfelt!  Gorgeous!

So that’s the preview!  But there are still so many more I’m busting to show!  If you’d like to see a few more, toodle on over to my facebook page!  Just be aware that the quality of the facebook images aren’t that great, but at least you get to see them! 

Fiona’s wedding is next, in a few weeks.  I’m sooooo excited!!

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  1. Jess- the photos are fabulous- can I view proofs- order some etc??? Can’t wait to get my album together- Jill Bunting (brides mum)

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