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Roulf and Elisha

We’ve just spent five days in beautiful Kaiteriteri, having a lovely break away with the children.  Although I thought we would have internet access without any problem, I was in for a huge shock!  We could only connect via the cell phone, which was very VERY slow and painful.  It’s amazing how spoilt I have become, wanting all my emails and information HERE and NOW.  Ah well, it did mean that I had a proper break away from it all, and that was very nice.

While we were there, my brother Roulf and his fiance Elisha came to visit.  I haven’t seen Roulf in about 4 years as he lives over in Australia, so it was high time for a catch up!   So naturally I snuck them away for a quick photo shoot.

What better place to do it than the beach?    

It was great to finally meet Elisha, she’s so pretty and fun loving! 

And knows how to work it!

Did I mention pretty?

And then up a tree.  Why wouldn’t you?!  Thankfully, I didn’t have to try and scamper up there as well, I don’t think I’ve successfully climbed a tree in 15 years!

Thanks for coming to see us guys, it was really awesome to spend some time with you!  We’ll do it again, hopefully sooner than later!

(more pics on my facebook page!)

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