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Even More Highly Inappropriate!

I am the youngest child of eight kids, and believe it or not, I’m not even the craziest!  Somehow I was able to rope two of my sisters into a ‘Highly Inappropriate Places To Wear Your Wedding Dress” shoot.  Why not the A&P Show? 

This is Saskia.  She still fits her dress from 23 years ago.  Lucky I love her, or else I could be silently resenting her gorgeous little figure.

This is Annemiek.  She was visiting our fair province, and we couldn’t get a dress for her in time.  So it seemed perfectly normal to build one made from only the things we had on hand, silky white material, net curtains, hideous plastic roses and crystal thingies found on a lampshade.  Thanks Rachel for your creativity, that dress was truly something else!!

Not content with the ordinary, we made the shoot even more special by getting their hair done.  Vanessa from Vogue played along, and did an awesome job!

Nina from Pink Poppie did the flowers again.  She’s so creative, suited our theme perfectly!

This kind of shoot is not for the faint hearted.  But these girls did me proud! 

Thanks also to Katherine for letting us into the show and to all of the carnies for being such good sports!

It must be about time for fashion to bring back the big lacy wedding dress?

To see the whole series, join me over on facebook (make sure you are added as a fan, it makes me feel loved….)

Watch this space for scenes from yesterdays gorgeous wedding!

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