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Clark – Corban Family – Children and Animals…


Recently I got together with the Clarks for a family portrait for their wine company, Boreham Wood Wine.  We’ve been photographing for them for a couple of years now, and it’s been exciting watching their wine take off all over the world.  Not that I’m surprised, it’s absolutely beautiful stuff. 

So there we were, for a group portrait – but there was far too much cuteness going on for me to leave after one photo! 

This is Anna, pure perfection.


Her brothers, Abraham and William, and they’re also pretty spunky!



You can see why this one isn’t a black and white! 




I had found a new spot a month or two ago and have been dying to shoot there.  Cute kids + evening light = WIN!


This is Jen and Craig (the Corban part to the family).  I LOVE this shot!  I had Jess the dog sitting there all pretty for about 2 nanoseconds, and then BAM, off she went!  I love the wake of the family behind her.  I think this is an even truer family portrait than everyone sitting there and smiling!


I can hear great grandmothers all over the world shrieking in horror at a family portrait like this….  but this is what small children DO.  And before you know it, they’re grown up and boring like the rest of us.  To me, this is a priceless family capture.


I’ll sneak one more of Anna in.  Who can resist that little face?


Another part to the Clark family is Simon and Donna.



And their totally yummy little guy, Adam.



And, as if that’s not enough cuteness for one family, this is Sarah and Roger and their BRAND NEW baby Claudia.  We weren’t sure if she was going to be still inside while we were planning the shoot.  But she made her appearance 6 days before.  Sarah, you’re a legend for coming out so soon after your first baby!


About a week or so later I popped in to Sarah’s place and took some more photos of Claudia.  Look, DIMPLES!


The problem with this job is that I get so clucky! 


But how can I help it?


Thanks guys, for an amazing photoshoot with you all.  You have an absolutely beautiful family!

4 thoughts on “Clark – Corban Family – Children and Animals…

  1. what an adorable little bub! Those dimples! can I order one of those please?

  2. Ha Ruth! You mean one of those dimpled babies? I doubt Sarah is willing to part with her!

  3. Oh whow, Jess, the photos of tiny Claudia turned out absolutely gorgeous !!!!!!!! Also love your black and white conversion ! What a beautiful job you’ve done.

  4. What a fun family. I love the last one especially, I can see how you get clucky!

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