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Paul & Julie – Engaged

You can’t not like Paul and Julie.  It’s just not possible.  They’re young and cute and oh so in love.  I have no idea how I am so often blessed with couples that just make me smile.

Sure, Facebook is responsible for a lot time wasting mindless games about farms or pets, moments of sheer frustration (no Mahumabidijam, I don’t know you!) but it’s also responsible for these two getting together.  And because of that one single fact, I have forgiven Facebook for all of it’s ills.  For now.


I’ve been looking forward to our engagement session for ages, and even though I thought this weekend was going to be nasty, due to what the TV guy was telling us is a massive storm the size of Australia hovering over us, this morning was just beautiful!  So we shot out the door as quickly as we could and off we went to hunt down Spring!


This is one of those photos that made me gasp out loud when I downloaded it.  They both look so gorgeous.  And happy.



A now for a little bit of impressionism.  I love the swirly effect.  Total fluke, but don’t tell anyone.


Julie is pure fun.  I think she spent the solid two hours laughing, at Paul, at herself and (thankfully) at my jokes.


Love love LOVE it!



I’ve had my eye on the A&P park for sometime now, waiting for the right couple to take there.  Paul and Julie wanted to do whatever I wanted to do… woohoo! 





How cute are they?



There was a bout of rain.  Pouring down rain.  Thankfully it was short lived, so we only got a little bit wet. 


Thanks so much Paul and Julie for hanging out with me for the morning.  You’re both gorgeous!  I had such a lot of fun finding new spots to shoot, and laughing with you both.  For those of you wanting more: FACEBOOK!

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  1. Awesome awesome photos guys 🙂 and soon there will be 3!

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