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Jessica & Adam – Married!

“Always remember to be happy because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile”. 

Jessica’s smile was one of the first things I noticed about her when we met, and I’m sure Adam noticed it early on as well, because he was totally smitten with her.  In fact, he couldn’t take his eyes off her all day.


Bling on shoes always makes me happy.


Jessica and the girls got ready at Locks and Lashes.  The sky was threatening rain, but no one seemed the least bit fazed as the temperature was mild and there wasn’t the slightest hint of wind.  It was a perfect day to get married.


Flowers by Pink Poppie.  Lovely.  Just as expected.


During the rehearsal Jessica mentioned that she would be walking down the aisle with her veil covering her face.  I, for one, am a big fan of this, but tried to quell the happy dance in front of their friends and family whom I had only just met.  Just as she was saying this, and I was busy quelling the dance, I looked over at Adam who lit up like a child’s eyes on Christmas morning.  Clearly this was the first he had heard of it, and he sure was pleased.



There is always so much going on during the processional.  Many people think it’s all about the bride and her Dad.  And although much of it is, look at what else is going on in the images that follow.


Watching his bride walk down the aisle. 


I’ve said it before, but I love capturing parents at a wedding.  How’s this for another angle of the processional?  Perfect moment.  Right there.


During our prewedding meeting, I told Adam and Jessica that the most important thing I needed to create beautiful images was for them to like each other. She turned to Adam and they both smiled. “That shouldn’t be a problem!” she said.




Quite possibly one of my favourite shots of the day. 



Adam and Jessica spent the longest time scouring the streets looking for the perfect little church to hold their wedding in.  They finally found it in Renwick.  St Francis de Sales Catholic Church has been lovingly restored and is now available for weddings. 




Then it was off to Lake Timara Lodge for some fun!


One of our all time favourite locations for portraits, this place is amazing.  Especially considering it was spitting with rain and we were able to use both inside and outside.  I couldn’t have been happier!


The grounds at the Lodge are absolutely to die for.  A.Ma.Zing.


The guys clearly know how it’s done.



I spotted this tree on our way into the grounds and could hardly believe my luck.  Autumn just keeps on giving me love.


I’m pretty sure Adam and Jessica only noticed each other though. 



Thanks to their incredible wedding planning skills, we had plenty of time left to have a play inside the lodge as well. We couldn’t let the opportunity to use this staircase go to waste!



Often rain can be our friend, and when we have a good inside backup plan like Adam and Jessica’s, things can work out very well indeed!



The reception was held at the Marlborough Convention Centre, and OH MY GOODNESS did it look incredible or what!


Adam and Jessica, it was our absolute pleasure to capture your day for you.  You are both among the loveliest couples we’ve had the pleasure of working with, and we can’t wait to show you the rest of the images!

11 thoughts on “Jessica & Adam – Married!

  1. You guys lokked absolutely beautiful together.
    Wish we were there.
    Love to you both. xx

  2. Your photos are going to be amazing Adam and Jess if these are anything to go by. Cheers

  3. Nice photos team!! Jess you looked stunning 🙂 – Adam you didnt scrub up so bad yourself. Looks like such an amazing day guys, sorry again i missed it! Cheers

  4. Beautiful photos!!! Was a fantastic day, thanks so much for letting us share it with you. xx

  5. The girls, charley & Grace have just looked at the photos and loved them. And they said ” we love you”..xx

  6. Adam & Jess – We had an amazing w/end – thanks so very much
    The photos are absolutely amazing……. great memories. XX

  7. Photos look fantastic. So sorry we missed the big event.
    By all accounts a great event.

  8. Hi Jessica, where did you get that fairy light heart – love it!

  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments. We had a fantastic day. Paul and Jessica have done an amazing job. Mel my mother and father made the heart for us. They may consider making another one if you wanted to purchase one.

  10. Fantastic photos, looks like the most magical day for two of the sweetest people I know!

  11. Would your parents still be interested in making 2? How much would they like for them?

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