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Jane and Toppy – Portrait Session

Jane and Toppy met 15 years ago when Toppy was doing some building at Jane’s work place.  It wasn’t too long before a friendship formed, and then love.  Jane moved to Blenheim to be with Toppy, and they were married nearly 10 years ago.

So often we are photographing engagements and weddings and the beginnings of love.  It’s great to get to capture some special images for people who are living the ‘happily ever after’. 


Toppy loves diving, and so the beach seemed a perfect place to start our session together.



This is one of those ahhhhhh shots for me.  It’s going to become a nice big canvas, and it’s going to look AMAZING!


Jane and Toppy are such fun!  I love it when a couple interact so naturally like this.  Gorgeous.


I know I’ve been doing THE TREE a lot lately, but it’s REALLY hard to resist having a quick detour on the way home to get some fun images as the sun goes down.  Come Summer it’s not going to be quite so easy to capture these late light images as the sun sets so late!  So I’m getting them while the getting is good!



Jane and Toppy, thank you both SO much for coming out and playing with us!  It was really awesome to get to know you both a little bit!

8 thoughts on “Jane and Toppy – Portrait Session

  1. Oh jealous much! What LOVE!

  2. WOW! these pictures are just BEAUTIFUL JESS. Jane I bet your so happy! Love them! what a beautiful keepsake, xx.

  3. Love them even more today…thank you SOOOOO much Jess and Paul x.

  4. Gorgeous! photos Jane…..nice to see such a happy story. Love to catch up when you’re in ChCh next. My no. 021 02549477 🙂

  5. just lovely. you are a great couple…xxx.

  6. WOW you two, These are Amazing!

  7. Awesome photos guys!

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