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Lynda and Shorty – Married!

You just never know what kind of beautiful things are going on quietly around the country, pockets of understated prettiness and love intended only to impress the closest of family and friends.  Lynda and Shorty’s wedding was one such occasion.  A gorgeous ceremony tucked in amongst Marlborough’s hills and vineyards at Clos Henri Vineyard.

Lynda worked in the office, and Shorty on the boat.  Perhaps they might not have ever really met if a mutual friend had not introduced them, with an inkling that this might be a beautiful match.  Turns out that it was, but Shorty and Lynda didn’t realise it till some months later when their paths crossed again.   This time a friendship blossomed and before long love saw them happily together and then finally engaged.


Clos Henri has a gorgeous little old church, now a tasting room, nestled up against beautiful Marlborough hills.




So classically pretty, Lynda!  I love Nana’s pearls.




This sand ceremony saw sands from three very special beaches poured into the one vessel.  That’s a pretty cool keepsake.




The moments after a wedding are usually some of our favourite to photograph.  These unguarded moments of hugs, congratulations and general happiness are what weddings are all about.


While I realise we are well and truly wedding photographers, I can’t put aside the child photographer part of me during a wedding.  If you present me with cute kids, I will capture them!


And who can blame me?



Fabulous flowers by Nina at Pink Poppie.  Of course.


We waved goodbye to the wedding guests for a few minutes and popped up the hill, where the view was rather inspiring.



Lynda and Shorty are perfectly suited to each other.  They’re quiet and not so used to being in the spotlight, but the way that they were able to shine for the camera was quite amazing!




I wouldn’t normally call somebody ‘Shorty’ unless I was pretty sure it was the name they generally go by.  Shorty assures me that he’s quite used to it, in fact his brothers and many of his friends also have nicknames.  So when I met Popeye, for example on the bottom left there, I was hardly surprised.  I must point out that this is Popeye’s FIRST time in a tie, and to be honest, he’s making this suit and tie thing look quite effortless!



I’m not easily excited by cars.  I think cars are one of those things that you’re either really into, or you’re not really.  Well, generally I’m not.  Unless it’s a Combi.  Then I’m very excited about cars.  (and Minis too, just for the record)



Probably one of my favourite dress backs to date.  Gorgeous Lynda!



Shorty and Lynda, thank you for inviting us to capture your beautiful wedding.  We wish you guys oodles and oodles of happiness together for many, many years!

Vendor Shoutout

Celebrant: Heather Sorenson

Venue: Clos Henri Vineyard

Flowers: Nina, Pink Poppie Designer Florist

Makeup: Darnelle Bason

Dress: Bella Donna

Cake: Chocolate Velvet

Catering: Posh Nosh

Music: Chilli Dogs

10 thoughts on “Lynda and Shorty – Married!

  1. Wow. you saved the best shot until last! Gorgeous!!

  2. Wow – fantastic photos, love them all. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to see these. Stunning photos where real moments are captured

  4. Congratulations Lynda and Shorty 🙂 Gorgeous photos!

  5. Oh my goodness….the magic of Facebook – here was me, admiring beautiful photos, nearly in tears with how lovely it all is, wondering who these people are…..then I got to the shoes photo…..I’d recognise that smile anywhere! It’s been an age, but wow, it’s “my” Lynda!!! 🙂 SO happy to see you so radiant & happy, truly stunning! Much love 🙂

  6. Congratulations Shorty and Lynda from the Meadowcrofts 🙂

  7. What beautiful shots,love the dress,I wore the same one 🙂

  8. Absolutely stunning photos. Congrats to Lynda and Shorty. These lovely pics at the vineyard are priceless. Gorgeous venue, gorgeous scenery, gorgeous couple. I must say that my daughter takes a gorgeous photo too, hope I can get a copy of that photo. Shes the cheeky 4.5yr old with wild hair in the polka dot dress. Her name is Jessica too. 🙂

  9. “Moggy’s kool Combi for a kool couple. Stunning photos 🙂

  10. congrates guys, where did u find the combi van? Blenheim? Im hunting for one or two for my wedding

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