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Mark and Kim’s Family Portraits

You might well remember Mark and Kim from this earlier post about Crossfit Blenheim, and how they’ve been helping me shed the dough-like substance around my middle.  Well this time Mark keeps his shirt on and it’s all about young Jack, their super cute little man.


I have to admit, I rather enjoyed bossing these guys around a little for a change, considering they’ve made me do all kinds of difficult and uncomfortable exercises over the last year.  I’ve probably done 10 million burpees, and a squillion squats and I’m not even sure that’s an exaggeration!  However, I have dropped at least one dress size, and so I really am pretty grateful.



Look at that FACE!



Jack is only just learning to run, and is already quite the athlete!



Mark and Kim, Jack is absolutely adorable and you guys are great parents.  Thanks again for everything you do for us at Crossfit, even if my squats still really aren’t deep enough, my wormcrawls look as unco as can possibly be, and I’m still doing girlie pressups, you guys are still cheering me on.  Bring on Crossfit 2014!

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